Stop Trafficking Now – Year 1

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$35,000 $35,000
Project Code: THA-ZOE-STN-P01


This project builds upon previous projects supported by Entrust Foundation to help fight trafficking in Thailand. It leverages our partner’s partnership with Thai law enforcement, anti-trafficking organisations and faith communities to make a significant and targeted impact in preventing child trafficking in one of Thailand’s major hot spots. Prevention campaigns will be conducted targeting migrant children, villages/schools in northern and eastern Thailand and schools in urban areas. This project supports outreach events together with three Trafficking Prevention staff. It will continue to optimise its on-line presence as traffickers shift their methods to coerce and trap children.

Why support this:

Our implementing partner has extensive experience in trafficking prevention, rescue and restoration. On a visit in early 2020 we were very impressed with many exciting breakthroughs and plans. Our partners work along the full spectrum of trafficking, with this project expanding the work further afield to identified problem areas. They work closely with the government and are well respected internationally and locally for their work. It is evident that our partners are leaders in the fight against trafficking and have made significant progress since their work started in Thailand in 2003.


$35,000 per year for 3 years.

The need:

There is still a great deal of ignorance regarding trafficking in Thailand. Many of the at-risk areas are poor, uneducated and undocumented – prime prey for traffickers. And it is not ‘just’ sex traffickers, but slave labour and enforced begging. Without education and awareness, many poor communities will remain vulnerable to trafficking. A collaborative effort between various agencies will improve the success rate. More traffickers are using the internet and phones as a way to target vulnerable children, especially when they are away from their families at boarding school.

Expected life change:

  • Communities empowered to avoid traffickers and their snares
  • Increased likelihood of people rescued from trafficked situations due to increased awareness
  • Reduction in number of people trafficked
  • Children will have the confidence and networks to recognise the dangers and will feel empowered to push back against risky situations

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