The world is a big place and in comparison to the needs, we are a small organisation.  Because of this, we have chosen to limit our footprint to to a small number of countries where we have solid connections and that are more easily accessible from Australia.  Southern and Eastern Africa, India and South East Asia is our “backyard” – and this is where we are well connected.  We do not want to spread ourselves too far and try to do more than we can effectively manage.  We understand that there are many other areas of need,  however we wish to be good stewards of our time, resources, skills and relationships.  We aim to go deeper in those countries where we currently work, not work more broadly across an ever increasing number of nations.

The list on the left is where we currently work.  Click on a country to find out further information about that country and learn about the projects we are funding there.

For those interested in data, all data is sourced from the World Bank or the United Nations Development Program websites.  We use the following World Bank indicators where data is available:

  • GDP per capita in current US dollars
  • Poverty headcount ration at national poverty lines (% of population)
  • Life expectancy at birth, total
  • Population, total