Complete the Community Centre – Zimbabwe

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$31,610 $31,610
Project Code: ZIM-HPZ-CCS-N01


This project will help complete a community centre for the town of Siabuwa, the centre of a chieftainship of 25 villages in northwestern Zimbabwe. The local community have already laid the foundations themselves and are also partnering with donors in Harare. Entrust’s assistance will help supply building material and the local people will do all the work themselves. Once complete, this community centre will have multiple functions.


One of the uses for the community centre will be for vocational training. The elders in the community are worried about the youth having nothing to do and no skills; a combination designed to lead them into trouble and wasted lives. We love the fact that the centre will help the youths with training and help them achieve purpose in life. We also appreciate the way this centre started as a result of the community identifying their needs and then working to meet those needs. The amount of work the community have already put in is impressive and we are looking forward to seeing the centre in use.


The US dollar is the local currency in Zimbabwe.  The total Entrust budget using this currency is USD22,000 (at $AUD1= $USD 0.77).  This amount will provide for much of the material which cannot be bought or found locally, but must come from Harare. The community will contribute local materials and labour, and further funding will come from partners in the capital – Harare.


The Tonga people were displaced from their land by the Kariba dam. The people are poor subsistence farmers, living in a hostile land with a great deal of sickness. There is a need to train up youth to earn a living and also to improve farming practices, to give them hope and a regular income which will enable them to break out of the poverty cycle.


  • Youth will be provided with vocational training to enable them to earn a living, giving them a sense of pride
  • The displaced Tonga people living in Siabuwa, will be able to retain their culture by staging cultural events
  • Improved nutrition through better farming knowledge and practices


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