Why Volunteer? #NVW2020

21 May, 2020

National Volunteer Week is a great opportunity to catch up with one of our awesome volunteers Rebecca, and find out what keeps her coming back week after week…..for two and a half years and counting!! (Note: we would be lost without her!)

Volunteer extraordinaire Rebecca, on a partner visit to Thailand in January this year and a valuable part of the Entrust team since 2017.

So Rebecca, why do you Volunteer?

“Following a number of years of studying and working in the corporate sector, I really began to feel a disconnect from my desire to bring real value to people’s lives and my daily life. Volunteering gave me the opportunity to use my skills to be a small part of impacting positive life change.

What a privilege it is to be a part of a passionate team who are on fire for their work; a place where I have been able to grow in understanding of the different needs around the world and see how both our partners and donors dedicate their lives, each in their own way, in bringing Hope to lives that would otherwise be broken.

It’s an amazing feeling to be a part of this.”

But why Entrust?

“Definitely because of my grandfather, or ‘Pop’ as both family and friends fondly called him, or AKA the founder of Entrust Foundation.

Although I am the youngest of his 12 grandchildren, in his much later years, I witnessed him living a fulfilling life of service, of faith, compassion and generosity.

While his transport business became the largest in Melbourne in the 1980’s, he chose to live a simple life, where he gave away an estimated $23 million over his life time.

How many lives were touched and continued to be blessed today because of the vision of generosity he had, I can’t even begin to comprehend.

His legacy has certainly seeded itself in my life and what a great place to start a journey of generosity of my own, in experiencing a part of his life calling, here at Entrust where he left it.”

“Don’t wait to give until you think you have enough, start with what you have”

Eugene Veith (1915-2010) Founder of the Entrust Foundation