Water from the dry – Zimbabwe

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$17,710 $17,710
Project Code: ZIM-CHC-PHA-D01


This project aims to create a sustainable water supply for the town of Phakamani through the provision of riverbed sand extraction rower pumps, rainwater harvesting and a hand dug well. The water sources will be complemented with sanitation and hygiene training.


We like the fact that this project will create 3 separate water sources using different technology to harvest water in multiple ways. The water sources will be spread throughout the town and have been chosen based on hydrology surveys. We also like that are partners are not just supplying water, but providing information on clean water and hygiene which will, when implemented improve health and save lives. The people of Phakamani have been deeply involved in the planning of the project and will be supplying labour for much of the work.


The US dollar is the local currency in Zimbabwe, and using this, the budget is USD13,619 ($AUD1:0.77$USD).  Funds will be used to provide a roofed structure and tanks to collect rainwater, purchase and install a rower pump and purchase material for the well. Much of the labour will be provided by the community itself, greatly reducing costs


Water is a huge need in Zimbabwe, with the country suffering periodic droughts. In Phakamani, improved water sources are in extremely short supply. In a baseline survey 97% of the population was reliant on unsafe or unclean water. The majority had suffered water borne illnesses in the past year, and all on average were walking between 5.6 and 18kms in a round trip just to access this unclean water! More water sources are urgently needed.


  • Clean water will reduce illness and increase productivity and capacity to earn an income
  • Closer water sources will reduce travel time, allowing time for other activities
  • There is a greater capacity for children to attend school when not sick or collecting water!


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