Water for Life – West Timor

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$10,743 $10,743
Project Code: IDN-LOL-WFL-P01


This is the first phase of a WASH project in West Timor providing household water from a known water source to points near each home in the community. In addition to this, our partners will assist the community to increase awareness, understanding and stimulate positive behaviour change in the areas of water use, sanitation and hygiene.


The community that our partners are working in are taking a highly participatory approach throughout all stages of this project. They see their primary role as facilitating a process that is owned and managed by a local leadership team including most of the project implementation work. The community has committed to contributing local labour, meals for the labourers, rocks, timber and other local resources that can be used to construct the project infrastructure, the monthly fee to the spring owner for use of the water and they will donate the land used for the project.

Our partners will provide regular training, support and mentoring to the community teams. The whole process will take considerable time but we believe it will result in sustainable outcomes.



The budget covers preparing the water source, constructing the tanks, installing pipework and fittings and employing local consultants to provide support throughout the project.


None of the residents in this project area have a reliable source of household water. It is their greatest felt-need because it is having a negative and cascading impact upon their health and sanitation. It is also affecting the education of their children who are required to help collect water and are affected by illness. Finally, it is having an impact on the community financially. Families sometimes need to purchase water and almost all families do not have water for growing vegetables or other income generating activities during the prolonged dry season.


  • The households in the project area will have access to clean water within 500m of their homes.
  • Families will have improved sanitation and hygiene facilities.
  • The community will be empowered to address additional community development needs due to training and involvement in this project.

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