Vocational Training for Pregnant Teens – Year 2

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$18,800 $18,800
Project Code: UGA-WAK-VTT-P02


Our partners work to promote the dignity and self-esteem of young girls in Uganda facing crisis pregnancy by addressing their emotional, physical and social needs. This is achieved by providing temporary accommodation, counselling and care services and equipping them with life and vocational skills. This project will part-fund vocational training in cooking, tailoring, computer literacy, agriculture and crafts for 100 girls per year for 3 years. These skills help them secure jobs or start small businesses after leaving the centre to break the cycle of poverty and empower them as new mothers.

Why support this:

Having recently moved to a new, purpose-built Centre near the capital Kampala, our partners can accept up to 50 girls at any one time. Since 2005, over 1200 pre-teen and teenage girls have been cared for. Our partners have a proven track record of caring for pregnant girls, both physically and emotionally, as there is usually much trauma involved because of rape. We are also excited that our partners have received national recognition for advocacy campaigns to stop violence against children.

Budget: $18,800 per year for a 3-year project. This includes comprehensive training in cookery, tailoring, agriculture and art/craft.

The Need:

Young girls are often targeted by men in the community, particularly if they are not in school or working. Teenage pregnancies and early marriage escalated during the COVID-19 lockdown. Girls are blamed for the rape and shunned by their families and their society. The Centre provides a place where family reconciliation is facilitated, girls receive counselling and can be better prepared to deliver and to learn to care for their babies in a safe environment. Rape is all too common and girls need education and skills to make their way in life.

Life Change:

  • Girls will be helped to deliver their babies in a safe environment
  • Vocational skills will help the girls to start an income-generating project or find a job to support themselves
  • Families will be assisted with reconciliation so that girls have an accepting home environment
  • Girls will learn personal and baby care providing necessary skills, confidence and a sense of self-worth

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