Vocational Training Academy

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$59,200 $238,000
Project Code: UGA-YIM-VTA-P01


Our partners have a big vision – to build and run a Vocational Training Academy, near the Nile River. Having purchased the land, plans have been drawn up and costed for a staged development of the project. Current courses in Tailoring and Fashion, Hair and Beauty, and Music will expand to add new courses such as Carpentry and Building, Metal Fabrication, Baking and Catering. Phase 1 includes set-up of the site (fencing, road grading etc), water supply, construction of a workshop warehouse and initial accommodation. The first courses in brick-making, construction, carpentry and metal fabrication will skill-up local, vulnerable youth and will provide ongoing employment for construction of the full project.

Why support this:

Entrust has supported our partner in four successful projects to date. We appreciate their hearts for disadvantaged youth and the strategic vision to develop social enterprises to support their work and expand much-needed vocational training courses Uganda-wide. There are very high levels of youth unemployment in Uganda, where 78% of the population is under 30. Our partner’s focus is on the next generation bringing hope, skills and expertise to build for a better future.

Budget: $238,000 for a one-year project

The Need:

Since the brutal leadership of Idi Amin in the 1970s, Uganda has suffered the devastating effects of civil war, HIV/AIDS and rebel conflict, claiming the lives of the parents of more than two million children. There are many disadvantaged families and young people as a result. Uganda has the youngest population in the world, with 75% under the age of 30. One of the biggest challenges facing youth is unemployment. Finding ways to economically empower younger people will not only help the youth but will help to develop the whole nation.

Expected Life Change:

  • Income-generating skills will provide a sustainable income for participants to help support themselves and their families
  • Young people will feel empowered to live fruitful, successful lives less vulnerable to crime and the damaging effects of unemployment, in a supportive and professional environment
  • Graduates will grow in self-esteem, confidence and gain dignity and have a chance to give back to the community

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