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$2,200 $100,000
Project Code: EMG-UKR-URR-P22



This project is a rapid response fund put together by TrustBridge Global Foundation to raise charitable donations in support of charities assisting with the urgent and developing needs in Ukraine. We are assembling an expert panel to advise where the funds will be distributed and assessing charitable organisations with capacity to address the most pressing humanitarian needs.

The situation in Ukraine is fluid and changing daily. This page will be updated with further information as things develop in Ukraine and as our team confirms charities and organisations that can be supported. Your donations to this project will be received to the Ukraine Rapid Response Fund, a TrustBridge Global donor-advised fund held in Switzerland. All distributions from this Fund will be made securely by the TrustBridge through our banking network to verified and compliant charitable organisations serving affected populations in Ukraine.


On February 24, 2022, Russian forces invaded parts of Ukraine causing a flight of refugees. Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova are mobilising to receive those fleeing the conflict.


Charities are mobilising to help relocate and support those fleeing dangerous areas caused by the recent instability. Funds and solutions will remain fluid in this rapidly developing situation.


Activities and grants to charities will be ongoing. For more information click here.

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