Tsunami Emergency Relief Fund – Indonesia

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$41,525 $41,525
Project Code: IDN-EMG-TSU-P18


At 6.03 pm on 28 September 2018 a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Sulawesi, Indonesia. This was followed by a tsunami which has killed over 844 people in the Palu region to date, resulting in the mass destruction of homes, shops and livelihoods.


Entrust has a close, personal relationship with two known and proven local partners who can provide immediate help to many who need it. In any disaster the most basic needs are so important: clean water, food and temporary shelter will provide short-term relief, until major rebuilding can be undertaken by the Government.

At this stage the Indonesian government has not asked for foreign help, but through our local connections we can directly assist those in need. We have access to water filters in the country but the local Palu airport is still closed. We will monitor the situation and do what we can.


We have not set a budget but guarantee we will send 100% of whatever funds are donated.


People have lost loved ones, houses, vehicles and personal possessions. This disaster will completely change the lives of thousands for years to come. It is our responsibility to do what we can – whilst we have the means to help our neighbours.

If possible please make your donation by Thursday 4 October. Funds will be sent to Indonesia on Friday 5 October. For those that will hear of this appeal after that, we will leave the project open, so you can still donate. We will forward 100% of donations to Palu as money becomes available.


  • Meet immediate basic needs
  • Provide food, shelter, clean water and possibly filters
  • Offer counselling and support in word and in-kind

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