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TrustBridge is unique. It was established to make generosity simple, cost effective, accountable and relational. The mission of TrustBridge is to mobilise resources by making global giving easy, so that charities everywhere have all they need to accomplish their mission. For most, deciding to give is not the problem, knowing where to give and who to trust  is a bigger concern. TrustBridge and Entrust carefully vet and undertake due diligence on every organisation with whom we partner and for every project we approve. That gives you peace of mind knowing your donation will arrive safely and be used wisely. One of our shared goals is to partner with people who have a passion to help others. Entrust is Australian based and has partners in 13 nations.  We are bespoke, nimble and knowledgeable, so if you have questions we are here to chat!

The TrustBridge Global Foundation joined forces with Entrust Foundation as their Australian partner in 2018 and we work together, effectively moving funds to where they are most needed. As a TrustBridge donor you may have a specific recipient in mind so do indicate in the comments box, where you want your funds sent. We will need your email in order to send you a tax deductible receipt.


For an EFT payment, please:

1) Send your contribution to:

BSB: 013225  Account Number: 460261674

Account Name: M E Foundation for Aid and Relief

2) email with the following details:

– Your name

– Who you would like the receipt to be made to

– Where you would like the donation to be sent (and if you know the TrustBridge Code, that would be useful!)

– A contact number


For a payment through Paypal:

1) Please click on the “support” button above or below.

2) Please still send an email as per point 2) above.



Funds given through TrustBridge Global via Entrust are tax deductible in Australia. (We are a DGR1 entity.)

PAFs (Private Ancillary Funds) and Family Trusts are also able to make a distribution to TrustBridge.



While Entrust ensures that every dollar you give reaches the project you select, TrustBridge makes assessments related to their operating costs. All grants to TrustBridge have a 3% contribution assessment with a minimum assessment of AUD 150 per contribution into their project fund.  Charities are also assessed when they draw money from the Charity Fund at TrustBridge.



Huge challenges such as the pandemic, present even bigger opportunities to help those hard-hit by multiple events. When we asked our partners about the effect of covid in their communities, many of them tell us, “Covid is just another issue to add to our already long list of things we deal with daily:poverty, lack of food, no work, malaria, civil war, not enough water…” We are in a position to help and NOW is the time to do something.



TrustBridge and Entrust  long to see long-term life change occur. Bringing hope in the hard places is our passion. Together we make global giving easy through our global, charitable platform. We significantly lower the cost, time, and hassles of cross-border grant-making, so that more resources flow to the areas of the world that need it most

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