Transitions Life Centre for Girls at Risk – Cambodia

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$26,500 $26,500
Project Code: KHM-AUC-REH-P03


Many young Cambodian women are vulnerable and at-risk to being trafficked and exploited.  This project provides a safe space in Phnom Penh where young women can prepare to live independently.  The project specifically provides the following:

  • A transitional community-based centre with dormitory living for young vulnerable Cambodian women moving from orphanage/shelter care or other at-risk situations as a pathway to establishing their own identity and enhancing community connectedness and integration.
  • Support and encouragement for the young womens’ involvement in meaningful education and training to increase skills and future employment opportunities.
  • An environment that promotes self-esteem and self-worth.


The home began in February 2012 in a safe and secure neighbourhood in Phnom Penh.  The organisation implementing the project has staff with significant experienced in working with young women in Cambodia who have been victims of trafficking and exploitation and histories of trauma.  The activities of the home are well-coordinated and are achieving milestones across the home’s objectives. Funding is needed to ensure continued operation of these vital services.


Funding allocated to the project will enable the home’s activities to be met:

  • Education and a life skills program, creative arts opportunities and personal development courses (individual and group based)
  • Health checkups (vaccinations, blood tests, full medical, specialist appointments for re-occurring nasal problems and sexual and reproductive health)
  • Referrals/access to vocational training and tertiary education opportunities
  • Holistic and high quality case management is provided so that each young woman is supported through an Individual personal development plan including counselling should this be required


  • Young women become confident, courageous and empowered, and are made emotionally resilient
  • Development of life skills which allows the women to break free from the poverty cycle
  • Wider impact as those around the young girls witness the changes in their lives and are encouraged

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