Training Future Dentists – Year 5

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$10,200 $10,200
Project Code: IDN-HOH-DEN-P05


Halmahera is the largest island in the Maluku Islands located in Eastern Indonesia. Civil conflict at the beginning of the century displaced thousands of people.  Many are still displaced to this day and living in extreme poverty.  This project will provide quality dental care to the economically disadvantaged citizens of North Maluku through training local people to become qualified dentists.

The project is currently funding two students, at different points in their education. Both have displayed an aptitude for dental work, a commitment to the local community and have already received some training from ex-pat dentists.


Our partner organisation, Hohidiai, is a dedicated team offering expert medical assistance through a hospital, leprosy and TB clinics as well as a mobile clinic to remote areas.  The current clinic sees up to 10,000 patients a year providing free care to the poor—medical, dental and eye care. This project will see the eventual hand over of dental expertise to the local people – once qualified, the dentist will also be able to train dental assistants & hygienists and thus duplicate his/her skills.


Most people in the province have never seen a dentist and suffer extreme discomfort from tooth cavity and infection. Abscesses often burst out through the skin.  By training a local who shows commitment to both dentistry and the local community we are able to address this need.


  • The newly trained Dentist will provide legal covering for dental assistants and dental nurses – ie one dentist can cover many workers
  • Economically disadvantaged patients can receive quality dental care
  • Leadership of the dental work to be “handed over” from ex-pat workers to the Indonesian dentist

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