The Goat that Keeps on Giving – Year 2

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$8,200 $8,200
Project Code: UGA-BCH-GKG-P02


Through the rearing of goats, the goals of this project are to reduce poverty, increase food production and use the project as an opportunity to teach people about issues such as healthcare and community work. Seventy pregnant goats per year will be provided to women in poor families who have been identified by a locally-established community committee in two areas of this mountainous region of eastern Uganda near Mbale. This complements other community development projects in the area where our partners have been working for over 10 years. Each beneficiary will give the firstborn female kid to a nominated community/family member who will then pass on a kid to another beneficiary until a goat has reached three people. Goats have proved to be a good source of income.

Why support this:

There are many reasons! It generates income quickly, it is multipurpose (meat, milk, fertiliser), it is easy to manage, educational, participatory, ongoing and sustainable and low maintenance. Training will be provided in goat rearing and care and using goat manure to maximise crop growth. Goats have a proven track record in the area with a high reproduction rate, and can be sold for their meat, milk and hides.


Year 2 $8,200, total budget over 3 years $24,200

The Need

Uganda is an extremely poor country and most of the population relies on subsistence agriculture. Those who are not officially poor are still vulnerable. As in most developing nations, credit availability is limited, particularly at the micro-level and in rural areas where it is most needed to enable the poor to begin the climb out of poverty.

 Expected Life Change

  • Increased income to send children to school and improve healthcare and living conditions leads to better lives.

  • A more cohesive community leading to cooperation and support rather than jealousy and mistrust.

  • Additional knowledge in organic fertilisers and health care topics will increase the health and well-being of families, and they become more productive.

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