Technology for the poor and remote

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$2,530 $2,530
Project Code: UGA-JEN-TAB-P01


This project will supply three android tablets to a school in an extremely poor and remote village in Eastern Uganda.  As well as the tablets and secure storage for the devices, the project will also set up a solar recharging capacity for the tools.  Our partner will run an after-school club for students to be able to come and learn how to use the technology through using educational apps.  Our implementing partner is working closely with the district education department to share the learning from this pilot project.


This is a community driven project – the idea came from a village elder who did not want to see the children of his community disadvantaged because of their remoteness.  We love that our partner will involve the district education department, and that children in such a poor and remote location (two hours drive away from mains electricity even!) will be exposed to the latest technology, and will also have a chance to improve their education.


The budget covers 3 tablets, a solar recharging system, a secure safe for the devices when not in use and a small fee for the after-school teacher.  The community will supply the space to hold the club, and the local teachers will nominate students to participate.


Obalanga is an extremely poor area of Uganda.  While it is now a town, it grew out of an internal refugee camp.  It is remote and isolated, without mains electricity (but interestingly enough, with a decent mobile signal!).  The children have little chance to learn how to use modern technology like computers and tablets and currently have an extremely limited outlook for careers.


  • New skills conquered and new vistas opened up for 60 school-children.
  • Potential for tablets to be made available to more remote communities.
  • The whole community at Obalanga is empowered as people learn what is possible with persistence and a dream

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