Tanks and Toilets – Central Sulawesi

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$19,720 $19,720
Project Code: IDN-TWJ-TAT-P01


Many people living in central Sulawesi are very poor, barely surviving on subsistence agriculture. The government provides few services, the roads are in poor condition and school attendance is low as children are required to work on the family farm to survive. Access to clean water and toilets will significantly improve the living conditions in this area.


This project is community based. The village where this project will take place has demonstrated a desire and willingness to build 2 tanks and 40 toilets to increase hygiene and productivity. Building their own tanks and toilets will give them a strong sense of ownership and understanding the importance of hygiene and good sanitation will improve the health of everyone in the village.


The budget provides the cost of the equipment and materials to build the tanks and toilets as well as employing a health professional to run a hygiene and sanitation course in the village.


The people in the village are extremely poor and have little to no access to clean drinking water. Very few homes in the village have toilets and most use the river or forest to defecate. Lack of clean water and good hygiene practices lead to illness and a decrease in earning capacity. It badly affects their health in terms of waterborne diseases, specifically diarrhea, which is the biggest killer of children under 5 in the world. This village also suffers from Malaria, Tuberculosis and horrible skin conditions due to a lack of hygiene.


  • Children and adults will be healthier because of improved hygiene practices.
  • Villagers will have quick access to clean water which will allow them to focus on other endeavours such as income-generating activities.
  • Greater opportunities for education as there will be less reliance on children for labour.

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