Tackling Trafficking Together – Bali

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$35,700 $35,700
Project Code: IDN-DKB-TTT-P01


Our partner’s aim is to represent and strengthen a growing coalition of organisations and residents who are committed to combating sex trafficking in Indonesia. This project will help to expand their capacity through the provision of inexpensive coalition-requested trainings for anti-trafficking organisations across the country and SE Asia generally. Key components of the project will be the running of a national specialised training event and the ongoing support of an Indonesian program director responsible for coordinating training logistics, translating and disseminating resources and facilitating coalition meetings and inter-organisational relationships.

Why support this:

Our partner has strong linkages with international experts in the field as well as Indonesians with knowledge and insight into local institutions, agencies and cultural sensitivities. Coalition strengthening is crucial for a coordinated and effective anti-trafficking offence and the local Bali model is proving effective for establishing a national anti-trafficking taskforce. Our partners are driven by the needs and requests of grass-root Indonesian organisations who want access to comprehensive and reputable training curricula.

Budget: Total budget required for one year is $35,700.

The Need:

Bali is one of the more prosperous islands in Indonesia but tourism has increased the vulnerability of the poor to trafficking. According to the Global Slavery Index there are 1,220,000 Indonesians enslaved today. Families are particularly vulnerable and the Women’s Institute in Java reports that 43% of those exploited in Indonesia’s sex industries are minors. A significant percentage of those children are found in Bali. Local anti-trafficking organisations working for the prevention, rescue and restoration of trafficked children in Bali and throughout Indonesia have been constrained by the lack of quality, affordable resources and training programs available in Indonesian and tailored specifically to their needs. There is also a need to strengthen and facilitate relationships between the organisations to enhance information sharing and to better coordinate anti-trafficking efforts.

Expected Life Change:

  • Competent and well trained staff able to effectively tackle the trafficking industry and support and care for children affected
  • A stronger coalition of anti-trafficking organisations will lead to improved and more widespread prevention measures and more consistent care for those recovering from trafficking trauma
  • A safer society for everyone and increased access to support services for all trafficked men, women and children

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