Strengthening Cohesive Communities – Year 1

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$30,000 $30,000
Project Code: LAO-WCL-SCC-P01


Our partners are working to confront core issues that create socioeconomic poverty and reduce risks of trafficking and unsafe migration. There is a general sense of despair and hopelessness due to poverty, water and food insecurity, illiteracy and low awareness of the risks of leaving family. Economic opportunities are limited and it is a culture that often excludes women and youth from family and community decisions and activities. Phase four of this integrated development program is improving access to clean water and the health status of the community, enhancing food security and economic viability for the poorest families, providing vocational training, and strengthening community-based leadership and participation.

Why support this:

Through empowered and enabled youth and women, seed projects and various awareness raising and empowerment workshops, our implementing partners are creating economic and social opportunities within these communities where people feel safe and secure. Ownership of the development process enhances the educational achievements of school students and improves literacy and life-skills among illiterate teenagers and adults. There is high participation of the community in social advocacy, constant links to government and private service providers and strong community-based leadership.

Budget:  $30,000 for the first year

Expected Life Change

  • Water is contained and reserved to support the needs of the village during the dry season
  • Villages support each other in driving the community development, sharing technology, sourcing services and market links
  • Promotion of intentional nutrition and hygiene programs for children and pregnant mothers.

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