Slum Development through Education- Year 3

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$9,000 $9,000
Project Code: IND-YMI-SBS-P03


This project contributes to a government-accredited school in a slum area in Indore, India. The school provides quality affordable education, delivered in English in an accessible location to children from a slum community who would otherwise not be able to attend school.  The school also provides health and hygiene education to the students, and through them to the wider slum community. This is our third year of four years of planned funding for this project; at the end of four years our partners will have found alternate funding to allow the school to continue into the future.


Our implementing partners have worked with the community to identify what the community sees as its most pressing needs. The community itself originally requested the school and have been dedicated in making sure their children attend . The school is run by a community based organisation set up by our partners and the community leaders.  The quality of the education is high, and the children are now at age-appropriate standards after years of neglected education.  As well as running the school, our partner is using the opportunity to hold skills development session with the women of the community.


The budget for year three covers the costs of teachers, school books and bags for the students and an annual health camp.


Children in this slum were previously simply not attending school. By providing an affordable, local school and giving the children a school bag and books, our implementing partner is preparing these children for a better future. Hygiene is poor throughout the slum, mostly due to lack of knowledge and poor infrastructure. Using the school space to host hygiene education activities will spread project benefits throughout the community.


  • The children of Anuradha slum will be empowered through primary education
  • Community health conditions will be improved through the regular health and hygiene awareness programs
  • Community members will learn skills which can assist them in gaining (better) employment

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