Skill Training for at-risk Girls – Hyderabad, India – Year 3

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$23,000 $23,000
Project Code: IND-TBI-STG-P03


Our partners are running employable skill training programs in rural and urban areas for young girls and women whose lives are at risk. They live in the Shamirpet area of Hyderabad, where many oppressed, Dalit community members reside. The training program includes computer classes, tailoring, and beautician courses. The girls will master a skill which will empower them and help them to become self-reliant and independent.

What we like about it:

Our partners have a mission to see every child in a secure environment with quality education, food and shelter. They are seeking to rebuild the lives of needy women through counselling, self- awareness programs and access to income-generating skills. Providing a healthy upbringing and prospects for a better future, every woman’s life will be rebuilt with a healthy sense of trust, confidence, independence and ultimately, integration into the society at large.


$23,000. The annual budget trains a total of 240 women in a 3-month computer, tailoring or beautician course.

The Need:

The project is necessary because our partners work in a region where many Dalit families are lagging in all developmental aspects of life. These vocational training programs help break the vicious cycle of poverty, restore dignity and the women have increased confidence and self-reliance. This safe guards them from many forms of exploitation.

Life Change:

  • Women and girls will acquire skills to help them make a living and become self-sufficient.
  • Empowerment to face life’s challenges and be able to voice their opinions in the family and community.
  • Increase in dignity and a meaningful purpose in life.


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