Save the girl child – Neemuch, India – Year 1

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$20,000 $20,000
Project Code: IND-SMI-SGC-P01


The Banchara are a people-group who are raised to believe their god wants their daughters to work as prostitutes. Young girls are raised with an expectation that they will support their family through sex-work from an early age. However, a small number are seeking alternative, better lives for their girls and are working with our implementing partner to make this a reality. They have placed their girls in a home, away from family pressure, where they can be brought up to expect more from their lives. They are sent to school and taught to dream of a better life – not forced prostitution. This project funds an education grant to allow the girls to access schooling.

What we like about it:

We love that our partners are working with willing members of the local community to bring about culture change and deliver better lives to a number of young girls. We have been with them since the beginning of the project four years ago when they started with 20 girls. There are now 60 girls and 20 boys living in the compound. We have visited the home several times, met the girls and heard about their plans for the future. One young girl is now dreaming of becoming an engineer! This new three-year project allows our partners time to seek alternative, sustainable ways of funding education for these girls.

Budget: $20,000 per year. This is the first year of a new three-year project.

The budget provides the education component of a larger project and includes cost of school fees, stationery, text books, uniforms and shoes.

The Need:

There is a huge need to provide alternative options to a life of prostitution for these young girls. Keeping the girls safe from coercion and giving them an education will allow them to earn income in healthier, more life-affirming ways and prove to their community that they still have worth. Many girls who have already been forced into prostitution are hoping for better lives for their sisters. Many of those who had no choice now have HIV and an extremely bleak future.

Life Change:

  • The girls will be able to provide for themselves and their families through alternate careers
  • Freedom from HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases, giving them healthier and longer lives
  • Slowly but surely we are seeking a transformation of an entire community

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