Restoring Lives After Slavery – Year 2

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$30,000 $30,000
Project Code: THA-IJM-RLS-P02


This project will assist vulnerable migrant workers and impoverished people who are trafficked for slave labour in the Thai fishing and seafood industry through deception, debt bondage, threats and violence. Thailand is a source, transit and destination country for traffickers making profits through slave labour. Our partner works to reduce the prevalence of forced labour through improved performance of the criminal justice systems and multilateral enforcement mechanisms between countries. The project aims to strengthen social services for trafficking victims by supporting three staff in the Bangkok office, namely a social worker, interpreter and aftercare support person. These staff form part of the Aftercare team supporting rescued victims as they navigate the legal system and providing trauma counselling and assistance with repatriating victims to their families.

Why support this: 

Our partners are very strategic and have a great track record. They tackle problems and issues at the law enforcement level, reaching to the very heart of the issue. We like that this project works in partnership with local authorities and vulnerable communities to rescue victims, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors to safety and strengthen justice systems.  

Budget: $30,000 per year for three years.  

The Need: 

Human trafficking is fundamentally a crime. Unless the Thai pubic justice system effectively holds traffickers accountable, boat captains, owners and recruiters will simply re-stock fishing vessels with vulnerable populations from surrounding countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar. Our partner’s studies found 37.9% of fisherman surveyed across five major Thai ports had been trafficked in the past five years, whilst another nearly half (49.2%) suffered other forms of labour exploitation.  

Expected Life Change: 

  • People will be rescued from trafficked situations, cared for and reunited with their families 
  • People will learn what to look out for and will become advocates to others within their communities 
  • Rescued victims will feel empowered and understand their rights and will be better able to look after themselves and their loved ones.


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