Resource Centre to Upskill the Vulnerable – Mbale

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$20,000 $20,000
Project Code: UGA-CFM-RCU-P01


Our partners are located in the eastern region of Uganda, not far from the Kenyan border in a regional town. Since 2000 they have been caring for orphans and underprivileged children and their families who have struggled to gain an education. This project will help young people with their education and skills for sustaining themselves in the future. Our partner’s aim is to build the next step of a half-built Resource Centre which will be used for vocational skills training, school assistance and research, internet access and will start the beginnings of a library. It will also be available for the parents of the children.


This project has been built bit by bit since 2009 in bursts as funds have allowed. It has a shell with rough walls and a floor and is built to beam level and consists of nine rooms. When finished, the Resource Centre will provide relevant skills training in IT and graphics, tailoring and secretarial studies, together with school assistance. We value the fact that the centre will provide encouragement, counselling and a mechanism of support for vulnerable young people. Our partners also assist children with attendance at schools and micro-finance projects, so this forms a strategic part of a range of supportive services.


This will allow the next stage of the building to be built. Continuing on from beam level, the roof and ceiling will be added together with the doors, windows, flooring, tile work, internal plastering and external rendering – to a useable lock-up stage.


Uganda has a high proportion of orphaned and vulnerable children due to years of war, HIV/AIDS and other diseases and poverty. Our partner works with these children and families in particular, to provide a start to life that each child deserves. Not only do these communities lack education, they also lack life skills which leads to all sorts of systemic problems and poverty through generations. The drought in 2017 has badly affected this corridor of Uganda, making survival for many very difficult.


  • Children will gain self-esteem and knowledge as they access the Resource Centre
  • The Resource Centre will add to the mix of skills that children/adults can access providing valuable skills for future employment
  • Children will make good decisions about their lives as they access good role models

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