Protecting exploited children

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$15,000 $15,000
Project Code: KHM-HPC-CCP-P01


This project seeks to establish teams to undertake outreach during the evenings in the red light district of Phnom Penh.  The Government of Cambodia has told our partner that new cases of sex trafficking of children is occurring in this district, and at night.  In order to prevent this, the teams will head out during the evening to connect with the children out on the streets, to build relationships and to help them avoid predators.  The aim is to work in this area for a year building relationships and learning about what drives children to be on the streets at night so that long term solutions can be put in place, as well as the short term avoidance of evil.


Our implementing partner is in this for the long term – they take time to build trusted relationships with the children, who can then tell them what has happened to them.  They work to restore children to wholeness but also to bring the perpetrator to justice.  They work closely with the government of Cambodia and have had great successes.  They are taking the time to find the roots of the problem and to create lasting solutions.


The funds will provide for teams to undertake outreach in the red-light district of Phnom Penh during the hours of darkness – these teams will provide a friendly and safe space, seeking to connect with vulnerable children and protect them.


Cambodia, despite efforts by the government and many NGOs, is still known as a destination for child-sex.  Websites still offer advice on where to go to find susceptible children and how to approach them, and sometimes even their families.  There are few organisations working in this space who can work through the whole gamit of protecting children, rescuing children and working with the justice system to prosecute the perpetrator.  Our implementing partner does just this.  Children as young as three and four have been rescued because of their work.


  • Children will be taught how to avoid sex-traffickers and paedophiles
  • Some children will be rescued from situations of trafficking
  • Many children will be given a safe space to play and safe adults to trust

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