Protecting and Educating Teenagers – North Maluku

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$25,000 $25,000
Project Code: IDN-ANA-PET-P01


The province of North Maluku was subject to religious and ethnic conflict in 1999 and many people were killed and displaced as a result. Health care services remain at a minimum. Working in a remote and needy part of Indonesia, our partners goal is to prevent sexual abuse, HIV and other health and social injustices through education of individuals and community.

What we like about it:

This project will continue to train educators in basic community health, HIV-AIDS, human trafficking awareness, pornography cons and sexual abuse issues. They will then educate over 6000 people, mostly high school students during one hour sessions and full day seminars.

They believe every child is valuable and deserves to be loved, empowered and educated. Their aim is to provide the best possible healthcare, confidential counselling, motivational coaching and support to each individual they care for.

Budget: $25,000 for a one year project.

The Need:

Planning to teach topics such as sexual abuse and pornography came as a direct response to the death of an 8-year old child who was gang raped. HIV rates are also increasing and our partners want to help put a dent in this growth, therefore saving lives. 99% of people living with HIV go undetected; they are unaware that they have the virus and have no access to Anti-Retro-Viral therapy medication. Local survey results show that one in two boys and girls have been sexually assaulted and one in eight girls has been raped (one in twenty boys).

Life Change:

  • Reduced rates of HIV infection due to education and awareness.
  • High School students who attend education sessions will have an increased awareness of human trafficking, HIV transmission, substance abuse and sexual abuse.
  • The educators will be empowered in healthcare and social issues knowledge and will have a new confidence in teaching others.

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