Project Help India – Northern India

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$80,115 $80,115
Project Code: WYG-IND-PHI-2020


Project Help India provides education, health and human rights services to people in Kotdwara, Bijnor and the surrounding rural areas of northern India. Through deep-rooted and respectful community engagement, it brings a message of love, dignity and purpose to people living in urban slums and rural villages.


Project Help holistically addresses the issues facing India’s poor. By offering essential early educational opportunities to children, Project Help connects with their families, so they can also assist with social and health issues, through direct intervention, counselling, education and material support. Importantly, it operates an education centre for children and teenagers with profound disability, a group tragically overlooked in Indian society – many disabled people would otherwise never leave their homes.

Project Help India is an entirely local enterprise. It’s praised by community leaders and works closely with police and politicians to deliver social services. A local board of governance oversees all programs. Project Help employs only local teachers and support staff. It also trains and encourages local university students in leadership, to make a difference in their community.


AUD$50,000 per annum


The human rights of India’s poor are severely challenged. Society struggles with an under-resourced education system, drug dependence, human trafficking and domestic violence. Project Help strives to impact lives by breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty.


  • 2 hours of basic schooling and a hot nutritional meal for more than 260 children in 6 rural and city-based education centres, 5 days per week.
  • Support centre for children with significant disabilities and their families.
  • An annual 2-day conference for almost 1000 women and girls on women’s rights, health, hygiene and sex education.
  • Drug and human trafficking awareness programs, delivered in concert with local police.
  • Crisis care for domestic violence and natural disasters, especially during monsoonal flooding.

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