Prison Chaplaincy

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$15,000 $15,000
Project Code: AUS-MUD-PCH-P01


This project supports an indigenous prison chaplain to visit seven prisons in south-east Queensland.  The chaplain is the only chaplain serving the indigenous communities in these prisons.  The proportion and number of young aboriginal men in these prisons means that this service is incredibly vital.  The chaplain also offers post-release support and encouragement to offenders, to reduce their chances of re-offending, and to help them establish a positive life once released.


The prison chaplain is himself indigenous and can relate to those he is working with.  He has such a heart to help that he has been doing the work without pay, working part time to be able to afford the visits.  This project will allow him to focus more on the inmates and recently released prisoners.


Total budget required: $20,000

Funds will be used towards the costs of fuel, vehicle maintenance, registration and insurance and road tolls, as well as mobile phone and support costs.


Aboriginal offenders are over 25% of the prison population in Queensland, despite being less than 10% of the population in that state.  There is no other First Australian chaplain in the prison system in south-east Queensland.  Rates of depression and suicide among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men are extremely high as is the rate of recidivism.  By walking alongside these men, and providing support once they are released, there is hope of a better life.


  • Improvements in mental health and moral outlook amongst first Australian inmates
  • Aboriginal and Torres Islander men are encouraged to live a different life upon release and provided with moral support and appropriate connections to allow this to happen
  • Improvements in health of inmates as self-harm and drug use reduce
  • Reductions in deaths in custody in prisons where our chaplain operates

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