Preschool Centre for Slum Children – Yangon, Myanmar – Year 8

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$15,000 $15,000
Project Code: MMR-CAC-PSC-P08


By offering pre-school education (with snacks, or for those who can’t afford it, a meal), our partners educate, care for and show love to children in two impoverished areas of Yangon. Our partners also work with the students’ families. This is our eighth year of supporting this work and we have seen a huge improvement in education in this poor area. Each child is given a school uniform, books, a satchel and pencils. Providing education also allows parents an opportunity to work through the day and take better care of their families. Children are taught important health and hygiene information which they then pass on to their families.


This is a holistic program, with our partner reaching out to families, not just the children, and assisting them where possible. Within the pre-schools, the children receive a quality education and the vital preparation to attend school. Without the pre-schools these children would not get into school!


This is the third year of a three-year cycle of funding, which totals $128,210 with decreased funding each year. The budget provides for two pre-school centres including uniforms for the children as well as food for those who cannot afford it. A small amount of money also provides for medical emergency care for the children and their families.


Children are raised in a perpetual cycle of poverty and are therefore at high risk of abuse, trafficking or prostitution. They are unable to go straight from a slum lifestyle to a school environment. This means many never attend school, reducing their opportunities to break out of the poverty trap.


  • Improved health and hygiene of entire families
  • Improved nutrition with flow on, life-long health benefits
  • Ability to access ongoing education

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