Pre-schools for a Better Future Year 1

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$44,000 $44,000
Project Code: BGD-OMB-PBF-P01


The Bihari ethnic minority community live mostly near or in extremely crowded refugee camps. They are a forgotten and despised group of people. This project will consolidate two pre-primary schools within the largest of the camps – home to some 40,000 people with only one school. A weekly club for at-risk teenage girls will be established and life skill training for adults will continue. The long term aim is to develop future prospects for individuals and aid their integration into the wider Bengali community.

Why support this:

This project will help to break the poverty trap of limited education, low skills capacity and low self-respect by providing pre-school education for 60 children and community awareness training for adults and carers in areas of health and hygiene, budgeting, avoidance of under-age marriage and child protection. The schools will focus on ages 4-6 and will run activity based classes that build a foundation for ongoing education, strengthen Bengali language ability, encourage motivation of children and parents to maintain education and introduce an element of fun to break the monotony of daily life. Local staff with long-term experience of living and working in the camp provide a sound understanding of the needs and challenges faced.


$44,000 per year for a two-year project.

The Need:

Bangladesh has a population of 163 million people. Many are day labourers and garment workers earning less than $3 per day. In a camp of 40,000 people there is currently only one school running (from year 1-10), with just three small classrooms. Many children in the camp do not enter school or quickly drop out.

 Expected Life Change:

  • Children will be prepared for school entry and will have better education and future employment prospects.
  • Children’s development and daily life will be enriched through a variety of fun and engaging activities, leading to improved health and happiness.
  • Parents and guardians will feel empowered to lead and guide their families and make positive changes and choices.

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