Night School for the Neglected – Hyderabad

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$12,005 $12,005
Project Code: IND-TFC-NSN-P01


Gadwai District is situated in Southern India. The rural villages where our partners work are extremely remote with poor infrastructure, sanitation and economic status. This project will provide education for neglected children, labourers and ‘dropouts’ in 5 villages surrounding the Gadwai District. The local people need to work or beg during the day for survival. This project will enable access to schooling from 6-9pm to improve their education, literacy and social standing in the community.


Our partners have been working in this area for the past 5 years. They have been building trust and relationship with the very poor and neglected members of the community. They are working in co-operation with local leaders and elders and finding teaching staff within the communities where possible.


The budget will cover the yearly cost of salaries for a project manager and five teachers. It will also cover the cost of maintenance for the five centres for a year.


Most of the people in this area are day labourers and beggars. They are illiterate and sign their names with a thumb impression. Each of the 5 villages are in a remote location and there are few services available to the people. There are also caste-related problems in these villages. By providing educational classes at night, our partners are giving people a chance to break out of the poverty cycle.


  • Night school will bring educational transformation to both children and adults. Learning to read and write will empower individuals.
  • Education will give people an opportunity to break out of the poverty trap and secure a job.
  • Access to education will help abolish the lower caste system where people have been oppressed and deprived of their basic rights for generations.

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