New Generation Tailors – Kampala

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$27,000 $27,000
Project Code: UGA-YIM-NEW-P01


This 12-month course in tailoring, fashion and design equips 20 disadvantaged youth (18-30) with the knowledge, practical skills and training required to pursue a promising and successful career within the fashion industry. Participants undertake business and entrepreneurship training workshops, and students are also required to create a quota of reusable menstrual hygiene packs monthly to help vulnerable girls stay in school and complete their education. At the end of the program, students will be offered a loan to purchase a sewing machine or start-up capital to ensure a smooth transition into business, with follow-up mentoring provided.

What we like about it:

This project is with a new grassroots partner in the populated city of Kampala. We appreciate their hearts for disadvantaged youth and the great progress they have made over the past six years. Our partners are also involved in the music industry in East Africa and have used their personal funds and growing performance profile to support the poor and marginalised. We like the way they support the students in all aspects of what’s needed through an encouraging and supportive environment. The sale of items will be promoted locally and through an on-line store.  We also like the fact that students are encouraged to be socially responsible and actively contribute to the development of their own communities.

Budget: $27,000 for a one-year project

The Need:

Since the brutal leadership of Idi Amin in the 1970s, Uganda has suffered the devastating effects of civil war, HIV/AIDS and rebel conflict, claiming the lives of the parents of more than two million children. There are many disadvantaged families and young people as a result. Uganda has the youngest population in the world, with 75% under the age of 30. One of the biggest challenges facing youth is unemployment. Finding ways to economically empower younger people will not only help the youth but will help to develop the whole nation.

Life Change:

  • Income-generating skills will provide a sustainable income for participants to help support themselves and their families
  • Young people will feel empowered to live fruitful, successful lives and will be less vulnerable to crime and the damaging effects of unemployment
  • Students will learn good teamwork and the value of putting back into their communities

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