Mountain Rain Reservoir – Duan County Village

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$18,300 $18,300
Project Code: CHN-A&A-MRR-P01


This project is in the mountainous region of Guangxi Province where our partners work with the Zhuang and Yao ethnic minority groups. The land is 90% rock with only 10% land suitable for farming. The people live off the land earning a meagre $150 per year on average. Water collection is a problem. During winter and spring there is not enough rainfall for survival and agricultural needs. Relief comes in summer/autumn but often too quickly and too generously bringing floods and disaster to the valley areas where the people cultivate the land. This project will build a reservoir to assist a village with water storage to survive over the harsh, dry and hot summer.


The local villagers will work together to construct the reservoir which will encourage ownership with a strong sense of team work to help their own community. Other reservoirs are in the area and so the villagers know how to care and maintain the tank. It will enable them to get through the summer with clean, accessible water.


During the peak drought period, the rivers dry up completely. The women are assigned the duty of coming down to the valleys in search of water from the underground streams every day. They start their journey at 5 am and carry two full buckets slung on a pole back up the mountains. Half often spills out enroute due to the mountainous terrain and rough tracks. This is carried out twice daily leaving little time for chores and agricultural work and is back-breaking work.


  • Villagers, particularly women, will have more time for other duties and farming
  • Health will improve as more water is available for drinking and washing needs
  • Villagers will not need to buy water during the summer months, saving money for other needs

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