Maximising Transformational Impact – West Timor

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$16,000 $16,000
Project Code: IDN-COR-MTI-P01


Our partners will establish a small consultancy office in Soe, West Timor, to provide consultancy services free of charge to local organisations seeking to bring about transformational change in the area. Soe is the capital of South Central Timor Regency, a region marked by significant – and worsening – poverty and disadvantage, chronic malnutrition and lack of education and healthcare services. These consultancy services will focus on developing organisational capacity in the areas of management, administration, finance, HR and community development.

What we like about it:

Our partners place strong value on collaborating with all stakeholders, including local government, NGOs and other relevant organisations. They have a long-term vision to strengthen the overall capacity of local implementing partners to achieve transformational outcomes for the benefit of these marginalised communities. Their services are client/community-focused, taking an invitational and participatory approach to ensure community ownership, with an emphasis on long-term sustainability and development that maximises use of local resources. Our partners have over 10 years’ experience working with a wide range of NGOs and government departments, as well as a good understanding of the local context, cultural practices and regulatory environment.

Budget: $16,000 for the first year of the project.

The Need:

Nearly a third of the population in the area lives below the regency poverty line and of the 266 villages, 106 are classified as ‘very disadvantaged’, while 135 are ‘disadvantaged’. One third of the population aged 15 years and over have not completed primary school. The most recent figures show that of current primary aged children only 35% of boys and 18% of girls are enrolled in school. Less than 30 doctors and 130 nurses service a population of 450,000. Most implementing partners in the region are limited in their capacity to deliver transformational outcomes due to lack of skills in key areas of management, leadership, governance, admin, HR, finance and the lack of resources to invest in capacity building. 

Life Change:

  • Local NGOs are equipped to better deliver transformational outcomes to local communities
  • Communities benefit from participating in holistic community development programs as they experience the impact of transformation.
  • Villages will have better access to healthcare and education, lifting them out of poverty and improving the quality of life for all.

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