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$4,000 $16,000
Project Code: LAO-AGR-LAG-P01


Our partner farms organically and sustainably to help improve the livelihoods of Lao people. They work closely with 15 poor farming families and employ 12 staff. This project aims to build a second storey processing room to enable their farmers to develop the next step in the value chain. If they are able to sell their organic products to high end hotels and the export market they will receive higher prices and this will be the beginning of moving out of the poverty trap.

What we like about it:

Our partners have extensive experience in teaching local farmers how to grow and market organic produce. They have worked with what people are already familiar with and tapped into a growing demand. The team behind the project have the appropriate skills and knowledge and are passionate about helping their local community break free from poverty. A new processing area will enable the farm to add value and shelf life to products, increase production and expand their local and export market potential.

Budget: $16,000

The Need:

Laos is a communist country, recently experiencing an economic opening. However, there is still a long way to go. Much of the country is poor and rural areas are particularly underdeveloped. Most people are subsistence farmers in the area where our partner works but there is proven demand to be able to sell quality produce to nearby cities if the farmers can be taught new methods.

Life Change:

  • There is capacity to improve farming practices and processors (organic agriculture, food management and marketing etc) and therefore increase the income for many small-scale farmers.
  • The farmers receive a fair trade income allowing access to healthcare and enabling them to provide for a better future for their family.

Encourage teenagers, in particular, to value their land and see the production of organic agriculture as the high quality product that the world market is seeking.

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