Keeping Families Together

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$10,800 $10,800
Project Code: THA-LIF-KFT-P01


This project is located in the far north-east of Thailand in rural villages and towns near Chiang Rai. The project provides HIV/AIDS and drug awareness education programs in Thai rural schools, prisons and communities together with simple income-generating projects to support families from the school who are afflicted by disease, and other poor families. By educating and supporting affected families with health education and income-generating projects such as chickens and pigs, it allows children to be kept in school, in a family and in a community.
Year 1 budget $10,800.

Why support this:

Our partners have worked in this area for over 25 years and have a proven track record in the community. Relationships have been built and consolidated over a long time. Our partners are well networked with local Thai government departments and other NGOs (non-government organisations) in the area. Memorandums of Understanding are in place with local detention and rehabilitation centres, schools and other community groups. Income-generating projects give families a way to stay together and to support themselves and send children to school.


$10,800 for Year 1 of a two-year project.

The budget will provide 10 health education programs in each of two local schools, and 6 programs in a women’s prisons and a youth detention centre and enable small income-generating projects for 13 vulnerable families, a youth camp for 70 students, two school income generation/lunch programs and promotion of World AIDS Day across a range of venues.

The Need:

Northern Thailand is poor and is challenged by HIV/AIDS, family break-down through drugs and alcohol and poverty – all of which creates orphaned and disadvantaged children living in the local communities. This breaks down the fabric of a society. There is a big need to build up families and keep them together to create strong communities.

Expected Life Change:

  • Economic empowerment of the family in a community setting allows children to grow up in a more stable environment, to have better nutrition and to attend school
  • Simple income-generating projects encourage families to become productive members of their own community
  • Education on HIV/AIDS/drug awareness empowers children to protect themselves from predatory harm and behaviours

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