Indigenous Leadership Development – Year 4

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Project Code: AUS-SUR-BUR-N04


One of the biggest challenges facing Australian Indigenous leaders is the opportunity to develop and grow as leaders within the community. By providing bursaries for leaders to attend and present at a key development conference, this project allows indigenous and non-indigenous Australians to learn from one another, mentor one another and gives voice to indigenous perspectives which would be otherwise missed.


We believe in the power of relationships.  Sending more money to ‘help’ the indigenous population is not the most effective way to meet the heart need.  Indigenous people thrive when in relationship and learn through exposure and connection with others.

This is Entrust’s fourth year of involvement with our implementing partners.  In previous years the event helped connect indigenous leaders to a wider network of both indigenous and non-indigenous leaders.  It encouraged them to persevere as leaders in difficult circumstances, and facilitated opportunities to share with non-indigenous participants who are also passionate about helping the marginalised.


Funds will be used to provide bursaries for accommodation and travel to over 100 current and emerging indigenous leaders from various communities across Australia.  Due to the remote location of many communities, the bursaries are not a set price, but based on a proportion of each person’s actual costs.


Indigenous leaders and emerging leaders often work in difficult circumstances, and can face isolation and discouragement around issues of social justice, inclusive society and development. They also often work on shoe-string budgets with everything going to their work and very little left over for personal development. By providing an opportunity to network with others working in the same or similar fields, they are able to be refreshed, gain and share new perspectives and step back from the detail to see the bigger picture. They can form networks and gather resources for ongoing work.


Bursary recipients will:

  • Form positive connections with like-minded people in similar circumstances, creating opportunities for networking, partnership and support
  • Participate in and contribute to a shared learning of how to bring hope to the most challenged communities in Australia and beyond, taking this back to their homes and the wider community
  • Be encouraged and affirmed to lead others in difficult places and circumstances, including being equipped to walk alongside people who are often ignored, neglected and left behind

All images used with permission © Matthew Deutcher Oak and Ink Creative

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