Hope through water

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$21,775 $21,775
Project Code: MMR-GRA-SIW-P01


Over the course of a year, our partner will undertake community led sanitation training, and will assist the community to build and use bio-sand filters.  A local person will be trained up as a water, sanitation and hygiene trainer, thus ensuring that the community retains the skills and knowledge to continue to improve their water and sanitation situation long after the project is complete.  Local production of filters will also provide a livelihood for members of the community.  Finally elevated water storage tanks will be built to enable safe storage of clean water.


This project is meeting a very real need with no clean water source currently on the island.  The focus on training up locals to both have the knowledge and the skills to continue to improve the water and sanitation situation ensures not only that results will be sustainable, but that the outcomes will only get better over time.  Our partner is focused on delivering behaviour change and empowerment and we are looking forward to hearing the results.


This budget will cover the costs of training on various hygiene and sanitation aspects, training and establishment of a local workshop to make filters, repairs to water sources and the building of a new storage tank.



Seikkyi Island is an isolated community despite its proximity to Yangon, with easiest access via boat, and the local authorities discouraging visitors.  The community has no safe drinking water source, nor does it have toilets.  Health services are limited, and all of this combined leads to high infant mortality as well as a great deal of sickness amongst the rest of the community.


  • Improved health within the community, leading to improved livelihoods and income
  • Reduction in infant mortality and increase in school attendance
  • A community empowered to continue to improve

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