Holistic Educational Improvement – Thateng District – Year 3

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$11,300 $11,300
Project Code: LAO-SFE-EDU-P03


Entrust is working with several partners in a large, holistic project aimed to improve food security in 12 of the poorest villages in the Thateng District through a range of different activities. One of these activities is improving the quality of education at the local government schools. This is done by working with teachers in each of the schools to help them to sustainably improve their pedagogical practices. Our partners will add information to the curriculum on agriculture, nutrition and hygiene, which will consolidate other components of the project and make sure the changes being introduced are owned by future generations. Finally, it will assist the poorest students in the school with access to materials to enable them to stay at school, ensuring the benefits of the program reach those most in need.


This is Phase II of a transformational project. Our partner has strong links with all stakeholders and is working in a collaborative way to address their biggest needs. The aim is to develop the community to a point where they have the tools to address their own development. We love the focus on making sure that all generations are engaged and have the tools to continue to improve their lives, and we greatly appreciate the way they are working with the government to improve what already exists.


Year 3 of a 3-year project. This will cover the cost of educational workers, training sessions for teachers, materials for the poorest students and additional supplies for the schools.


This area of Laos is one of the poorest, suffering food shortages regularly and having some of the highest levels of malnutrition in the country. Each year there is a food shortage season of three months! This problem stems from multiple interlinked factors and our partner is working holistically to address this.


  • Poorer children enabled to attend school and empowered to make positive changes in their life.
  • Teachers enthused for their career, with tools to engage their pupils and make education transformative.
  • Whole families having access to life-changing information, being able to support each other to make those changes (eg a broader diet, improved hygiene practices, health knowledge).

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