Hohidiai Community Development – Year 1

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$85,000 $85,000
Project Code: IDN-HOH-HCD-P01


Working in a remote and needy part of Indonesia our partners provide a day clinic, hospital care, tuberculosis and leprosy clinic and a treatment centre for victims of HIV/AIDS.  A small farm is being developed offering agricultural training and food security for those who live on site. The farm also offers teaching and training in farm techniques for the locals. Hohidiai takes care of local orphans and runs a pre-school and primary school to provide education for these orphans and for local children. The Hohidiai projects are headed up by an Australian couple who have been residents in the area for more than ten years.


Our partners have been working in this poverty-stricken area for many years, providing much-needed medical care, education and community development after a horrific conflict in the region that saw 10,000 people killed.  We like the fact that our partners are working to train up local staff to ensure the community is empowered and can continue the work. The work is holistic, looking at the needs of the community and developing projects which will address these needs.


The budget will supply salaries for teaching staff and health workers, child safety officers and security guards. A proportion of the funds will be allocated to anti-trafficking work. Funds will also be used to construct a cow shed and purchase cows.


In this remote community, healthcare and education facilities are sub-standard. Hohidiai focuses on ‘discarded’ members of society such as abandoned and neglected children and those suffering from diseases that essentially make them outcasts in their own community.


  • Improved health and education through the on-site clinic and school.
  • Those with HIV/AIDS, leprosy and tuberculosis receive dignity and a sense of worth as well as quality care, improving their life expectancy.
  • Community development projects generate food for staff, children and patients.
  • A divided community is given the opportunity to heal and re-unite.

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