Go For the One – Ruth Lesmana, Mae Sot

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Project Code: WYG-THA-GBA-GFO


The “Go For The One” project focuses on personal safety and understanding of personal rights, together with skills training for vulnerable individuals. The project works in together with a Community Collaboration program that connects migrant communities with government and non-government support services in and around the Mae Sot area. It aims to protect the poor and marginalized who often struggle to know how to protect themselves. A common situation is struggling single mothers who are undocumented and without work, trying to survive.


Women and children are being trafficked and forced to work in hazardous conditions in many industries, including the vicious sex trade. The ‘Go For the One’ project focuses on helping women stay safe and protect their rights. It also helps other marginalised community members on how to stay safe. The area along the Thai/Burma border is vulnerable to human rights abuses.


The Global Alms team has established a self-sustaining Training Centre in Mae Sot township that offers courses and workshops in topics such as Reality-Based Self Defence, Vocational Skills, Leadership, Human Rights, Abuse & Trafficking Awareness and training in best-care practice for working with children at risk. We like that it is well connected to other local organisations to bring about the best protection for the individual. It helps ensure people are aware of services without relying on international aid.


Your support will fund Ruth to run the programs in training, education and vocational skills – to equip people with essential skills to stay safe.


Ruth is Director of Training at Global Alms Incorporated, an Australian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the elimination of trafficking, sexual exploitation and physical abuse of men, women and children. Ruth is passionate about her work and speaks Burmese and Thai, enabling her to work alongside the local people. Ruth lives in the community where her work is based. Ruth works with a team of volunteer workers to bring about the best outcomes for the local poor.

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