Full Circle Education – Phnom Penh

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$27,000 $27,000
Project Code: KHM-FLA-FCE-P01


Our partners work in 8 slums in Phnom Penh with families and children not yet in school. They follow these children through their full circle, which for some is to University and beyond. This project is part of our partners’ Education Program and provides activity centres that are run with the express purpose of providing tuition and catch-up classes in Khmer and basic Mathematics as well as providing time and space for kids to do their homework and participate in other classes (English, Computer, Art, Music & Sport).


This program is more than supporting poor children to start school. Our partners are excited about the young adults they have invested in who are now finding their calling in life and growing in leadership in that area. This does not happen without a lot of input at the start of the Full Circle in identifying kids from extremely difficult backgrounds (slum living, street children, exploited or abandoned children) and facilitating them into education, fostering a love for it and inspiring them to see a future beyond their wildest dreams. The Full Circle Education project is the first step in seeing slum living children becoming leaders.


This covers program teacher costs, books and materials and the cost of rent and utilities for the 3 activity centres.


Cambodia is still recovering from the Pol Pot regime. Over 50% of the population is under 24 years old, and family structures have been extremely damaged. Poverty further eradicates family support with many adults working away from home, leaving children to be raised by grandparents who are themselves busy trying to earn enough to feed the family. Children living in the slums are not supported to attend school, or encouraged to dream of a better future. Alcoholism, drug use and gambling addiction further remove what little adult input children could expect.


  • Young children, like the ones in these pictures, will be given the opportunity to learn and be supported in their education to become leaders and serve their communities.
  • Children coming through the system will be mentored by older, developing leaders inspiring them to walk the same journey. These young adults are the best ones to mentor and walk alongside a slum living kid who is struggling to stay motivated and keep going to school. They are a living example of how it is possible to go beyond your wildest dreams and break the cycle of no education, unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse and its accompanying social issues and become a confident leader who serves in their community and beyond.

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