From Despair to Hope – Vientiane

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$17,900 $17,900
Project Code: LAO-TRA-DTH-P01


Our partner exists to assist the poor, disadvantaged and broken people of Laos, with particular emphasis on those addicted to drugs. Three facilities currently operate in the surrounds of the capital Vientiane, one of which is a newly opened Women and Children’s Centre set up to provide a nurturing environment for both women and children. This project supports women addicted to drugs through rehabilitation and vocational training. Our component of the project is to provide local Lao staff with support and salaries for 12 months.

What we like about it:

This project is in response to a survey of women working in the area, all of whom recognized the need for rehabilitation and restoration and strongly endorsed the opening of a women’s centre. The staff are entirely local and many have experienced rehabilitation themselves so understand the challenges and are highly committed to the cause.


Total budget required: $17,900

The Need:                            

Drug addiction has become a major problem in Laos, leading to long-term mental infirmity in some cases. It is often inevitable that children of young, unmarried women affected by addiction and mental health issues are left to be raised by grandparents or other relatives. This means they often grow up as virtual orphans, deprived of a supportive environment where they can learn and develop into healthy, able adults. There are very few centres in the country that focus on rehabilitation of young women and their children and their specific needs.

Life Change:

  • Young women restored from drug addiction and mental health conditions are given renewed hope for their future, ready to enter the workforce with newly acquired life and relational skills.
  • Women are better equipped through vocational training to provide and care for their children.
  • No longer neglected, children get to grow up with a healthy mother in a safe and loving environment and are able to attend school.

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