Emergency Flood Relief Appeal – Kalimantan

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$35,915 $40,000
Project Code: IDN-EMG-KAG-P21


Kalimantan, Indonesia, is now experiencing some of its worst flooding ever, with this emergency coinciding with a still very serious COVID threat. Our partners have worked with some of the poorest villages in southern Kalimantan for over 10 years, providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene education and are poised to respond quickly. Entrust is wanting to help provide immediate relief support in addition to some initial rehabilitation assistance.

Why support this: 

Our partners are supporting families and communities that they have been working with for 10 years – their neighbours and fellow community members. Our partners are a trusted and credible local organisation that locals are also donating to because they have seen their work and know them wellThey plan to provide water filters and food packages and help check the rainwater harvesting systems impacted by the floods to make sure people have access to clean, drinking water in the future.


$40,000 and guarantee we will send 100% of all funds donated.

The Need:

South Kalimantan has a population of over 3.5 million. 1 million people, in the most impacted flooded areas, live hand to mouth on a daily basis. In the midst of COVID, there has been a desperate lack of work, making potable water and food unaffordable. The continuing flooding has seen sewage and stormwater combine to contaminate entire villages and left thousands displaced. These poor communities are now in dire need of basic housing, water and food supplies.

Expected Life Change:

  • Reduced water contamination which has many health and economic benefits.
  • Communities are fed nutritious meals during the emergency increasing health and family security.
  • The plan is community focused, encouraging communities to work together to support one another.

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