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$12,300 $12,300
Project Code: ZIM-SIM-FMF-P01


This project will work with fourteen families (and their surrounding neighbours) in four poor townships to teach them how to grow their own crops.  These families are all extremely poor and currently do not have enough to eat.  By teaching them agricultural skills and giving them some basic equipment and seeds, our partner allows them to feed themselves now and into the future.  Surplus crops can also be sold for cash.


This project doesn’t just provide some one-off training and then move on.  The families are all part of a year-long program where our partner walks with them through learning, planting, and harvesting.  The aim is not just to assist the families with food and new skills, but to build caring communities around the families.  Each family is extremely poor and vulnerable and a supportive community environment will assist these families to flourish.  Fourteen families are intensively targeted, but surrounding families are also included in the program, impacting a further 56 families.


The budget covers the cost of seed and equipment (including water harvesting tanks) as well as the cost of the project administrator and their travel between the four different townships involved.


Zimbabwe is currently in severe economic hardship, with many families in townships struggling to find work, and therefore food and other essentials.  HIV is also a huge problem.  The sorts of families our partner works with includes grandparent-headed families, single-parent families and families where at least one member has HIV.  Life is extremely tough, and insufficient food simply compounds all their other problems.


  • Sufficient healthy food to feed a family, improving health, and the ability to continue to provide food for themselves each year thereafter
  • In at least half of the families there will be enough produce to sell some and generate cash for medical and school expenses
  • The development of community cohesion and support

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