Equipping the poor with life skills

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$33,000 $33,000
Project Code: IND-RES-COM-P01


This project aims to support ten literacy centres in northern India. The centres provide informal education in areas where there is no government infrastructure, or where the school system will not cater for the poorest of the poor. Often the children have education levels below their age, due to missing school. These centres have been running for a while, and in the past have successfully been able to re-integrate some students into government schools. In some cases this has seen the literacy centre move from being an informal school to being a homework and tutoring group, necessary when many of the parents themselves are illiterate.

As well as supporting teachers salaries, uniforms, stationery and books for the students, the money raised will also go towards the purchase of a computer and wi-fi modem for each centre, to enable the students to develop computer skills and access the outside world.


Uniforms are made by local women who were taught sewing as a micro-business – another project of our partners! The students receive a first rate education, and gain an opportunity to integrate into a government school, something that would be impossible without the centres. The centres allow an entire community to dream big for their children. Costs are low, but the results are impressive, and children are given the chance to break out of inter-generational poverty.


While education is meant to be a universal right in India, the reality is far different. In remote areas there are often no schools, in cities, there is overcrowding. Many schools have no building, and teacher absenteeism is common. Government schools churn out children who still lack basic literacy and numeracy skills, and the poorer you are, the worse your school is likely to be, if you have one at all.


The budget requested is $33,000. This will cover the costs of a teacher, uniforms and school equipment for a year, as well as a computer and internet access, for 10 literacy centres in various towns in Northern India.


  • Children will receive a basic education which enables them to move out of poverty
  • Children and parents are provided with health and hygiene information, allowing them to improve their health, and thus their earning capacity
  • Whole communities are encouraged and empowered because someone has seen their need and believes they are worth investing in

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