Empowering Vulnerable Women – Year 1

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$45,000 $45,000
Project Code: UGA-JEN-EVW-P01


This project follows previous empowerment projects impacting vulnerable women in some of the poorest communities in Mbale, eastern Uganda. It has three arms: (1) Women’s savings/loans groups that have had great success since beginning in 2011 and are growing due to popular demand. Another 45 groups will be created along with training and follow-up; (2) Vocational skills/business training will teach young mums income-generating skills to support themselves and their young children. 100 women will receive training each year in sewing, hairdressing, catering etc; (3) Goat-rearing project for women and orphans in mountain communities. Goats are a simple and reliable animal project and a valuable source of income through breeding of future offspring and supply of meat.

Why support this:

These initiatives tackle poverty at several levels, providing practical and emotional support to women to overcome the challenges they face. In collaboration with other local groups this project strategically builds on the momentum and success achieved so far, enabling it to expand to reach new communities who haven’t yet experienced a life-changing project of this type. Men are increasingly supportive as they recognize the positive impact of the savings groups and jobs training.

Budget: $45,000 for Year 1. Total budget $94,000 for two years

The Need:

The eastern corridor of Uganda has been badly affected by the drought in the past few years. Crops have been destroyed and prices for food have been very inflated. It is a difficult time in a region where poverty is oppressive and unrelenting and requires a multi-pronged approach to overcome. This project provides women with the means to access activities and ongoing advice to help them escape the poverty cycle. Given the opportunity, these women will take it with both hands and run with it. We have seen first-hand the difference it makes in the life of a family. It has been demonstrated that when a woman is empowered the whole community benefits.

Life Change:

  • Development of resilience to financial shocks, allowing women to climb out of poverty and stay out, also improving health outcomes
  • Women acquire skills to earn an income, often through their own businesses or goat-rearing – helps support children’s schooling
  • Women grow in confidence and emotional well-being and develop a range of life-skills together with a supportive network

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