Emergency Food Appeal – Myanmar

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$96,105 $90,000
Project Code: MMR-EMG-BMN-P23


We recently received an urgent plea from our long-term Burmese partner who has just returned from a visit to Rakhine state in the West of Myanmar – near the Bangladesh border. He was dismayed at what he discovered. People are starving! Our partner has asked if our Aussie friends could help feed extremely poor and hungry men, women and children who do not have enough money to buy simple meals for their families. One year ago, a large sack of rice cost $20. Today the same bag of rice costs $80. People simply cannot afford to buy basic food items.

Why support this: 

Our local partner lives and works with a team of volunteers who can purchase food such as rice, oil, garlic, onions, salt and fish paste and it will be delivered to needy families enabling them to cook nutritious and sustaining meals. Your donation will immediately help 1000s of people in need. We have completed our due diligence and calculated that $27.40 per person will provide enough food for 5 weeks. With an average of 5 people per family, your generosity will impact 100s of families, perhaps 1000s!

The only limitation is financial. Our partner can feed more people. Your generosity will mean we can support more families.

Entrust only undertakes emergency appeals when we have a long-term relationship with the local people delivering the support. We guarantee 100% of your money will get to those who need it most.


We will send 100% of all funds donated, immediately to Myanmar.

Objectives include:

  • Purchasing and packaging food locally
  • Delivering food to 100s of local families
  • Assessing water access and needs in the community
  • Providing physical and mental health support as required


  • This appeal will close at 5pm on Sunday 14th May 2023.
  • All donated funds will be sent immediately to Myanmar.
  • This is an urgent need where together, we can make a huge difference. Please join us to support these very needy families.

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