Education for the most remote!

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$11,140 $11,140
Project Code: IND-CHR-REJ-D01


Tehri Garwhal is situated in Northern India, high up in the Himalayas. It is an extremely remote area, with poor infrastructure. School opportunities are limited – most schools are far away and the poverty of the local families means that many children do not receive an education. Our partners have established a school which will eventually cater for up to 200 children who would otherwise not receive education.


We appreciate the vision of our partners to work in extremely remote areas where not even the Government can service education! We like the fact that children will be able to get an education and remain at home – a double assist to family incomes; no need to find funds to send the children to a distant town, and keeping the child at home where they can continue to help as needed. We also like the fact that this is just a single strand of our partner’s work. They have looked at the needs in these communities, and are also undertaking work in adult literacy and health to provide holistic assistance to the community.


Many people in the area surrounding the school are illiterate farmers doing their best to make ends meet. With small incomes, they cannot afford to send their children to distant schools. Often, they also need their children to work on the farm. A local school will enable children to get an education and still help at home. By providing the children with an education, our partner is giving them a chance to break out of the poverty cycle.


The budget for this project is 534,600 rupees at 48 INR:1 AUD). This covers a single school year (March to March) and includes salaries for teachers, rent and utility costs of school buildings and food and school supplies for the students.


  • Empowerment and sense of self worth through education
  • An opportunity to gain a better career and break out of the poverty trap
  • Longer term a reduction in maternal and neo-natal mortality (a mother’s education level is proven to reduce maternal and child death risks)

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