Economic Empowerment – Women of Africa – Year 2

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$15,000 $15,000
Project Code: ZAF-HAD-EMP-D02


This project targets 1,000 entrepreneurial poor women and creates 200 Self Help Trust Groups of five women per group. These women have the desire to help themselves break the cycle of poverty but lack the start-up capital to run their own small business. This is made possible through an initial, small once-off loan; this enables them to work, earn a constant income, provide for the needs of their household, establish savings and brings hope for entire families.


The creation of local micro-enterprise initiatives is a business tool that promotes fair trade, income provision and economic empowerment. The in-country implementing partners have established strong relationships on the ground within the communities in which they operate. Group rather than individual loans develops a support network for beginning businesses and improves the rate of return. Economic empowerment is a proven tool in community development that supports not only the individual but those in her community and family.


This funding will allow for adequate selection, training, follow up and management of loans for 875 people (the budget allows for loans to be repaid and then made available to a new lender over the course of the project). The average cost to facilitate (service) a loan is $30 per person.


Without the chance to ‘get ahead’ financially, these people are trapped in a hand to mouth existence or systemic poverty. In this place, they have 2 options; risk great debt and harm to their family by borrowing money from loan sharks or stay poor. Something as simple as good training, strong selection procedures and implementing methodology combined with a micro-loan enables sustainable business opportunities, builds dignity and hope and breaks their dependence on aid and handouts.


  • Financial sustainability for families
  • Children able to attend school and families receive health care
  • Development of self esteem as families raise themselves out of poverty


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