COVID-19 Emergency Appeal – Supporting Entrust’s overseas partners

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$217,775 $225,000
Project Code: INT-EMG-COV-P20


In the midst of a pandemic, how can I engage in social distancing with ten people living together in my small house? How do I implement good hygiene when I don’t have access to running water and I cannot afford soap? How do I buy food when there is nothing left in the shops and we are in lockdown?

These are the questions our partners are asking during this pandemic. Entrust wants to do all we can to help them.


“It won’t be coronavirus that kills us, it will be lack of food,” says Lucia, from a village in the Philippines. Entrust Foundation has a direct connection with 55 partner organisations in some of the most remote and neediest nations on earth. We are struggling to manage – in developing countries it is far worse.

The Covid-19 Emergency Appeal will enable us to directly assist those we know and with whom we already have a trusted relationship. With your help, our partners will support those most vulnerable, providing a safety net and some flexibility to directly assist those who need it most.



Entrust is currently supporting 75 approved projects and we will be able to direct funds to keep these projects running, providing wages and community support. If our funding stops, people lose incomes and can no longer feed their families. Where the project cannot continue, funds will be used to directly support people with food and hygiene basics.


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The situation in Lucia’s village is desperate. They have received very little information on the disease and there is a large amount of misinformation and fear. These poor people have no savings, no safety net, no social services. Life is already just about as tough as it can get. Lucia’s husband lost her job as a minibus driver when people stopped travelling his route due to quarantine restrictions. No work means no money which means no food.

Her neighbour knows he has the symptoms of COVID19 but he hasn’t been to hospital because he doesn’t have any money for a check-up or transportation to the city. 13 people live in his crowded home. He has had a cough and fever for four days.

The ill-equipped local hospital has received 20 testing kits even though they have seen 1,213 suspected cases of coronavirus.

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